Book of Testimonies!

This is a new publication we are putting together, and it’s a special one!


If you would like to be a contributor to this ministry and help us grow to the next level to reach more souls for Christ, you can contribute a $1000 gift. For this amount, Kingdom Comics will illustrate your testimony into a 10-page story as a part of a new series of graphic novels called, “The Book of Testimonies.”



This means your story could be shared all over the world, just like the testimonies of those who met Jesus 2000 years ago are shared around the world through the New Testament. By doing this, you will not only be supporting Kingdom Comics in their ministry, but you will also be doing your part by sharing your story with the world.


This tax deductible donation will go toward the publication of the Book of Testimonies, which will include the testimony of your choosing!


For more info, contact Brian Bradley at 708-612-8606