The Kingdom is HERE! Premiere episode

Quiver #15

A break in the action, as Quiver and friends reminisce about Christmas’ past. While an enemy from the past, makes a guest appearance.


Bridge #4

Bridge and crew strike hard and continue to tear down the forces of Z’onyx. Meanwhile, a mysterious combatant has entered the fray. Is he friend…or foe?


The Anointed 7 #34

THE PULLING DOWN OF STRONGHOLDS. This issue is jam packed! Lord Christopher is unleashed! Will his newly acquired powers make him a match for the Judges? Meanwhile on Earth, someone is finally reunited with the Anointing…Art by Brian Bradley and Roel Palmaira, with special cover artist, THE LEGENDARY Joe Rubinstein! (OF MARVEL COMICS FAME)


Kingdom Comics Presents #15

This issue continues with 3 stories, written by Brian Bradley, Bryan Mero, and Roberto Masionave. With Art by Mohamed Trk, Mukah Ispahani, and Roel Palmaira. Cover by Ani Ghosh!


The Anointed 7 #33

A PLAN. Written by Brian Bradley and illustrated by Roel Palmaira. The takeover has begun, as the judges begin to wreck havoc across the universe. Their plan all but complete. But God has a Different Plan. That TOO is all but complete…


Quiver #14

​This issue is special, as two men struggle with the reality of Jesus Christ. But, no need to worry, Quiver and friends are there to help navigate them to the truth.(or at least try…) Quiver #14. written by Brian Bradley, art by Daniel Khairullah.​


Bridge #3

In this issue, the forces of Z’onyx learn there is Power in the Name! Art by Audrey Rosse. Story by Brian Bradley


(June 7 2020)

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Kingdom Comics Presents #14

In this issue, Lord Richard attempts gain support from a broken and uncaring world, Votary and his young friend confront beings from the dark underworld, and Sir Caliburn completes his training, as we get a glimpse into the spiritual battle taking place in the spirit! Writers Brian Bradley, Bryan Mero, and Roberto Maisonave. With artwork from Roel Palmaira, Mohamed Trk, and Mukah Ispahan. Cover artist Darren Brady.


The Anointed 7 #32

It is now several years into the future of this ancient timeline. Our heroes have acclimated themselves to their surroundings, without fully understanding why they are even there. That's about to change. Here comes the wrath of Z'onyx! Story by Brian Bradley. Art by Roel Palmaira. 24 Pages full color.


Quiver #13

Ghost Wars Part 3. The conclusion! Quiver and crew have a final showdown with THE HOTH!


Bridge #2

​In this issue, Bridge continues her training in the outer realm, in preparation for her showdown versus the armies of Z'onyx!​ Art by Audrey Rosse. Written by Brian Bradley. 24 pages full color!


Kingdom Comics Presents #13

Sir Caliburn and Votary are front and center in this issue. Sir Caliburn struggles with sins from the past, and Votary confronts a stronghold of demons in an African village. 24 pages full color, with art from Roel Palmaira and Mukah Ispahani. Written by Bryan Mero and Roberto Maisonave.


The Anointed 7 #31

A TIME... The Anointed 7 find themselves thrust way back to a time predating Adam, the fall of Lucifer, and several other ages as they experience what the universe was once like when God assigned Z'onyx and 5 other judges to oversee His creation. Art by Roel Palmaira. Story by Brian Bradley. 24 pages full color.



Quiver #12

GHOST WARS PART 2. The ghostly mystery deepens, as Quiver discovers Ariel is not being upfront with him. All the while, THE HOTH prepare to take over the world! Story by Brian Bradley. Art by Daniel Khairullah. 24 pages full color!


Bridge #1

BRIDGE ISSUE #1! Kingdom Comic's favorite Guardian Angel now has her own title! Picking up where she left off in the pages of Kingdom Comics Presents, Bridge is introduced to a very unfamiliar ancient realm, where she begins to learn the secrets of how to defeat Z'onyx (if at all possible..) 20 fully colored pages beautifully illustrated by Audrey Rosse.


The Anointed 7 #30

ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER. This issue sees the climatic confrontation between Lord Richard and Lord Christopher. Who is the lesser of the two evils? The Anointed 7 will have to decide, and the ramifications of this decision will reverberate forever! 24 pages full color, Art and Story by Brian Bradley. Cover by Veli Loponen with colors by Greg Harms.



Kingdom Comics Presents #12

Kingdom Comics Presents #12 Featuring the titles, Bridge and Votary. With artwork by Audrey Rosse and Mukah Ispahani. Also including a special edition of the Book of John, as illustrated by Mike Abuan. Cover by Marvel/DC artist, Bill Marimon! 24 pages full color.




Quiver #11

A new adventure begins with an old friend, for Quiver. Introducing a mysterious new enemy, with an army that just 'aint right! Ghost Wars Part 1. Art by Daniel Khairullah. Story by Brian Bradley. 24 pages full color



Kindgom Comics Presents #11

Kingdom Comics Presents #11 is a 24 page, full color Quarterly anthology, featuring 3 short stories; Votary, written by Brian Bradley and illustrated by Mukah Ispahani. Sir Caliburn, written by Roberto Maisonave. And Bridge, written by Brian Bradley and illustrated by Audrey Rosse. Cover illustrated by Norbert Yates, with colors by Henry Chmielefski



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April 15


The Anointed 7 #29

“POWER TO TREAD..” Now available for purchase! This issue finds a desperate Lord Christopher seeking the assistance of…The Anointed 7, with Lord Richard on his tail. Legendary Marvel Comics artist Joe Rubinstein illustrates the cover, with colors by Greg Harms. Art and story by Brian C.I. Bradley.




March 29

Highlight video from our HISTORIC time at last weekend’s C2E2 convention.



March 15


Kingdom comics Presents #10

New chapters begin, and new storylines are developed in this issue, as we see what Bridge, Sir Caliburn and Votary are up to in this 24 page full color anthology. 3 short stories illustrated Audrey Rosse, David McConnehey, and Mukah Ispahani. Written by Brian Bradley and Roberto Maisonave. With cover by Marc Moran.




Feb 15 2019


Quiver #10

This one is special! This is for the Kickstarter backers. They (or their character creation) get to hang out with Quiver and help take down some bad guys. 24 pages full color. Story by David McConnehey, art by Daniel Khairullah. David also does the honors of illustrating the cover.



Jan 15 2019

The Anointed 7 #28

THE ANOINTED 7 #28 NOW AVAILABLE! This issue revolves around a few of our KickStarter pledgers. As apart of their reward, we are featuring their likeness in a very special story. 4 strangers united with one purpose; to find a place of rest in a post apocalyptic world. Will they make it? Art and story by Brian Bradley. Cover by Roel Palmaira. 24 pages full color.



Happy new year!!!

2018 year in review.



Dec 15 2018


Kingdom Comics Presents #9

The War is over! This issue deals with the aftermath as Bridge, Sir Caliburn and Votary each begin down new paths of possibility. This issue also introduces a group of misfit scavengers who go by the name THE IMPOSSIBLES. 4 short stories fill this 24 page Anthology with illustrations from Eddie Medina, Audrey Rosse, Anthony Young, and Mukah Ispahani. With coloring assistance from David McConnehy and Roberto Maisonave. Stories written by Brian Bradley and Roberto Maisonave. Cover by Norbert Yates




Dec 8 2018

Video from last weekend Wizard World Madison Wisconsin


Nov 15 2018


Quiver #9

So, how did our favorite archer become the orange fur ball he is today? Writer David McConnehey explains how it all started, as we explore the past and the chain of events which helped develop the brave hero we see today. (Or something like that) 24 color pages Illustrated by Daniel Khairullah



Oct 15. 2018


The Anointed 7 #27

Everything old is new again! This issue introduces new characters, and delves ever deeper into the complexities of a world recovering from the "apocalypse"! LORD, LORD. 24 full color pages



Sept. 15 2018


Kingdom Comics Presents #8

Kingdom Comics Presents #8 is now available. This 24 page, 4 story anthology wraps up the storyline concerning THE 6! With artwork by Eddie Medina, Roel Palmaira, Rob Marsh, and Audrey Rosse. With cover by Jardel Cruz.



Aug. 29 2018

Recap Wizard World Chicago 2018




Quiver #8

This issue concludes the "Cats of Thunder" storyline. Art by Daniel Khairullah Written by David McConnehey.



Now Available!


The Anointed 7 #26

It all culminates in this issue, folks.  THE ANOINTED 7 HAVE RETURNED! And the battle of the ages ensues! Art and story by Brian C.I. Bradley. 24 pages full color. $5.00 including shipping



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May 2018

OK! Here we Go! A major breakthrough has occurred for Kingdom Comics! We have distribution! Our comic books will be in bookstores across the country-including Barnes and Noble-starting in July. In the mean time, we need help covering some of the overhead until we (ahem) get paid. So we’ve put together a Kickstarter Fundraiser. Please check it out. Any and all assistance counts😁.

Mar 7 2018

Video recap from this past weekend at the Cleveland Wizard World Comic Con

Kingdom Comics Presents #7 is now available!

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